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Phoenix fence  
Custom designed in staggering variety of shapes, colors and heights.
Inspires a feeling of sturdiness, elegance, safety and prosperity.
From Southern Yellow Pine to textured Red Cedar.
Gone are the days when chain link is nothing more than galvanized steel.

Phoenix Dog Fence Company

Your local pet containment fence contractor, offering construction and installation

As much as you dearly love your dog, many dogs have a habit of forgetting themselves and running away, chasing some other animal that wanders into smelling range. A dog fence can help your pet stay at home, where you know he is safe.

According to the ASPCA, most strays are lost pets who were not kept properly indoors or provided with identification. According to the American Animal Hospital Association's 1995 Pet Owner Survey, roughly 30% of pet owners have lost a pet at one time. There are 60,000 pets lost every year in the United States - don't let yours be one of them./font>

It's not just about dogs. In fact pet containment fences can protect everything from rabbits to sheep to dear to horses.

We want to help you keep your pet on your property, where it will be safe from getting lost and from sparking neighborhood disputes.

Do you need a dog fence? Simply fill in this Phoenix fence estimate form. We will get right back to you to discuss your pet containment fence.

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